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Lincolnland District Exchange Clubs Service Programs

Exchange Clubs focus on the four areas of service and structure their focus to improve and educate others in each area. These services brings greater focus on the most pressing issues of the day and affords local clubs the ability to improve their individual communities. The areas of service are Americanism, Community Service, Youth Programs, and our national project Prevention of Child Abuse.

Our Programs of Service

Americanism: Exchange Clubs work to promote pride in our country, respect for the flag and other American symbols, appreciation of our freedoms and the costs of those freedoms. Exchange has taken on the responsibility of passing this knowledge to America’s next generation through its Americanism programs. These include: The Freedom Shrine, Freedom Gallery, One Nation Under God, Get Out The Vote, Proudly We Hail, GiveAKidAFlagToWave, and Adopt-a-Unit/Family.

Community Service: Community Service is the lifeline of Exchange. Exchange Clubs across the country spend countless hours and dollars improving their communities each year. All of these activities share a common goal of serving and promoting our communities. These programs include: Crime Prevention, Fire Prevention, The Book of Golden Deeds Award, Service to Seniors and Law Enforcement/Firefighter Recognition.

Youth Programs: America’s young people are the country’s most precious resource. Exchange sponsors many activities designed to benefit, award and develop our nation’s youth. These programs include: Young Citizenship Award, EXCEL Clubs, Youth of the Month/Year Award and A.C.E. Award.

2017 ACE Hector Garcia
2017 Youth of the Year Simran Bhalla

Our National Project

Child Abuse Prevention: The National Exchange Club develops and implements programs which seek to eliminate child abuse and strengthen families. These programs include: more than 100 Exchange Club Centers for the Prevention of Child Abuse, Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness, Time Out Teddy, Blue Ribbon Campaign, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness and Kidcode. The National Exchange Club offers help to Victims and Families affected by Child Abuse.

The Naperville Police Department’s critical message to parents about “Keeping Kids Safe Online” is gaining a national audience, thanks to a partnership between the police department and the Exchange Club of Naperville. In the video, Naperville Police Detective Rich Wistocki discusses the online dangers currently facing our youth and gives instructions on how to keep kids safe and avoid victimization on their electronic devices and social networks. 

Keeping Kids Safe Online

Click to view the video to “Keep our Kids Safe Online”.


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District Awards

2017       2017 Pictoral Awards

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District Awards/Forms

Your club's applications for all district awards are due on Tuesday, May 1st with the exception of 5As, which is due on June 1st. You may log into our Member Center or use the link to the Award Forms on our National Site.

If you have any questions, please contact Scot Warren, District Awards Chair.

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National Awards

2017       99th National Convention Photos


2016       98th National Convention Photos


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Programs for In-Service

2015-2016 Leading a Successful Club

2015-2016 District Guide

Club Leader Training

Club Officer Training Spring 2014

District Director Training Anne Marie

Four Pillars of Exchange - ppt.

Lincolnland Mid-Winter Training 2012

Lincolnland Training March 2012

Secretary and Treasurer Orientation MDC 2011

Staying Connected - ppt.

Why National - 2011 - ppt.


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