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SAB Law now Includes Campus Police

The Illinois Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act: The law offers a safe, legal option to unsafe infant abandonment. An unharmed newborn, up to 30 days old, may legally be relinquished to staff at any designated Safe Haven with no questions asked or fear of prosecution. Illinois Safe Havens include all hospitals, emergency medical care facilities, staffed police stations and staffed fire stations.

Save Abandoned Babies (SAB) Accomplishments:

March 18, 2000: volunteers hold first meeting to create legislation to save newborn lives through the establishment of Safe Havens in Illinois.

December 1, 2000: final draft of the Act approved with input from more than 30 organizations and individuals with health, child welfare and legislative interests.

August 17, 2001: Act signed into law. Focus turns to raising public awareness.

April 4, 2003: proclaimed by the Governor as the first Save Abandoned Babies Day.

2003: amended Illinois School code to require Sex Education teach about the Safe Haven law.

2004: law amended to add police stations as designated Safe Haven locations.

2005: Sunset Clause removed making the Act permanent.

2006: amended Illinois Comprehensive Health Education Program to require teaching grades 6 – 12 about the Safe Haven law.

2006: law amended to extend relinquishment to 7 days old or younger.

2007: law passed mandating all Illinois Safe Havens display a uniform sign indicating the facility as a designated Safe Haven. These signs are now being used in at least 23 other states.

2008: Alaska and Nebraska sign Safe Haven laws. All 50 states now have a Safe Haven law.

2009: law amended to extend relinquishment to 30 days old or younger.

2010: law amended to improve information given to relinquishing parents to obtain medical information.

SAB’s leadership led to forming the National Safe Haven Alliance.

Since the Illinois Safe Haven law was passed in 2001, 69 infants have been safely and legally relinquished. Another 62 were illegally abandoned, 30 of those did not survive. As of today, it has been 356 since an infant has been illegally abandoned; 9 more days until one year.

Known age of mothers:

Age 14–17: 15.85%

Age 18–24: 46.34%

Age 25–30: 23.17%

Age 31–41: 14.63%

Known race of newborn: African/Black: 28.18%

Caucasian/White: 44.45%

Latino/Hispanic 19.09%

Mixed/Other 7.27%

Reviewing the profiles of women who had killed their newborns, researchers discovered that the perception of a young poor, unemployed, single woman as the culprit is not borne out by evidence. The women were mostly around 26 years old, had other children, did not show evidence of mental problems, had no record of being abused as children, and had regular jobs. Half of them were living with the baby's father.

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