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Lincolnland District Awards


All American Volunteer


Dawn Portner, Naperville

Dawn Porter, All American Volunteer 2013


Honorable Mention:

Doug Morris, Beardstown

Tom Beason, Mattoon

Linda Hartmann, Grayslake

Best Club Bulletin                

Quad Cities, “Exchangitems”, Editors Karl Adlon and Lois Dixon
(49 or Fewer Members)

Quincy, “Exchangite”, Editor Jeff Dorsey
(50 or More Members)

Distinguished Service Award (DSA)
Honorable Mention:

Grace Hermetet, Beardstown
David Peregrin, Grayslake

Don Fisher, Joliet

Joe Johnson, Quad Cities
Gary Peters, Quincy
Jerry Parker, Mattoon

Lorrie Brenneman, Naperville
Lorrie Brenneman, DSA Award
  Big E Award      
Doug Morris, Beardstown - Big E Award
  Doug Morris, President of Beardstown      

Distinguished Club President, Doug Morris, and Beardstown received the Big E

  Contributing Service Award (CSA)    

James (Jim) Hermetet, Beardstown

accepting the award is Grace Hermetet

Honorable Mention:

Mark Baker, Joliet

Louanna Jaeger, Mattoon
  Exchangite of the Year    

Doris McKenzie, Beardstown

and Kate Smith (left)

Doris McKenzie, Exchangite of the Year
Honorable Mention:
Penny Grant, ALL
Wendy Petera, Grayslake

Marc Gorsh, Joliet

Richard Meyers, Mattoon

Trish Krenick, Naperville

Joe Johnson, Quad Cities

Vic Welper, Quincy
Kremer-Clarkson-Krause Award
Dennis Koch, Quincy
Dennis Koch,  Kremer-Clarkson-Krause Award
Dennis Koch, KCK Award
  National Best Club Bulletin      
National Best Club Bulletin 2013
  Scot Warren, VFR and Lou Molitor, National Immediate Past President      
  Rookie of the Year    

Robert Anderson, Belleville

accepting the award is Paul Zollner

Robert Anderson, Rookie of the Year
Honorable Mention:
Megan Zimny, Beardstown

Norma Dieker, Champaign

Pam Weiss, Grayslake

Kelly Baltas, Joliet
ACE Award
Adam Hubbs,
nominated by
Adam Hubbs, ACE Award
Adam Hubbs, ACE Award
  Youth of the Year      
Forrest Hunter,
nominated by
Forrest Hunter, Youth of the Year
Forrest Hunter, Youth of the Year
  Net Numerical Increase
(6/1/12 – 5/31/13)
Naperville, +9   Other Clubs Positive Beardstown, +6
North Chicago, +5
Round Lake Area, +3
Tri-Cities, +3
Belleville, +1
Mattoon, +1
Quincy, +1
  Net Percentage Increase
(6/1/12 – 5/31/13)
North Chicago, +17.2%   Other Clubs Positive Beardstown, +17.1%
Round Lake Area, +11.5%
Tri-Cities, +7.9%
Naperville, +6.4%
Belleville, +1.7%
Mattoon, +1.6%
Quincy, +1.0%
  Best Percentage Attendance      
    Beardstown, 57.4%  

Others above 50%

Mattoon, 56.5%
Quincy, 51.0%
  100 % Award      
    None     Beardstown and Mattoon were the closest to achieving this award
  5 As      
  Level I - Waukegan   Level II - Beardstown
  Level III - Grayslake - (Highest Pts)
  Level IV - Naperville
  District Convention Spirit Award    
    Naperville Naperville, District Convention  Spirit Award
  National Service Award    

Charleston Grayslake

North Chicago
Quad Cities
West DuPage County
Lincolnland District 2011