89th District Convention


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89th District Convention

Stoney Creek Inn

Quincy, Illinois

June 25 - 28, 2015


Friday - June 26

Motivational Lunch with Bobbe White - "Try Laughter", Round Table Discussions, Dinner at the Villa Katherine with Cheeks McGee by the River


Bobbe White, Try Laughter!
Motivational Lunch and Round Table Discussions
Villa Katherine with Cheeks McGee


Saturday, June 27

One Nation Under God Breakfast, Memorial Service,    U. S. Grant presented by Larry Werline, Elections, Celebration Banquet


ONUG Breakfast
Convention - Saturday
Installation of Officers


Lincolnland District Officers (left to right below) Immediate Past President - Bill VanKeuren, President - Dawn Portner, Treasurer - Lisa Alsip, President Elect - Bill Froese

District Officers 2015-2016


Sunday, June 28

Breakfast Buffet - Youth of the Year Award and Accepting the Challenge of Excellence Award




A special thanks to the Exchange Club of Quincy for hosting the Convention and to the Koch family - Dennis, Teri, Jason and Joel


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